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It's important to stay true to your roots in a music industry that has a short attention span. When audiences have so much media at their disposal it can be tough to focus and to find "the good stuff". People who dig real, authentic blues won't have any trouble focusing on what I do. They feel it in their gut and when it grabs 'em by the seat of their pants. People smile and toes start tapping. 

I draw inspiration from Chicago and the Chess Records era of urban electric blues. I add to the mix a blend of acoustic delta blues, some low-down Texas boogie, and the upbeat jump blues of the post-war, West Coast scene when swinging Big Bands had to downsize to four or five guys to survive, and from what's around me today. It's blues; bawdy, low-down, joyous, raucous, and fun. It's real. People immediately respond, and that's why I play what I do. It's why I love to sing these songs.

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